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       BREAKING NEWS:          A HAPPY, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2Ø15     - - -    to all our friends around the planet       --- God bless you! ---            Intl. Field Day Weiße Triesch 2Ø15     - - -    arround "Corpus Christi 2Ø15 - K12 will perform their legendary Intl.XL - Field Day 2Ø15 together with their Ham friends from Great Britain and Belgium in one of our neighbor countries           .                read more under --->     http//:www.cq-k12.de       --> heading K12 - Field Day       - - -    K 12 - "Int. Field Day Weiße Triesch 2Ø15"     - - -    August 2Ø15 - K12 will hold their legendary Intl Field Day weiße Triesch together with their Ham friends from Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland and and Belgium on the KALÖFENHÜBEL above the city of Zweibrücken      ---       --- Next -K12- club meeting:  ---    2nd Thursday every month at 19:ØØ hrs   Restaurant " Pfälzer HOF " Oselbachstraße 92, Zweibrücken    --- Guests are welcome! ---  

 „About me ...“...
About me ...     

You might have just had a QSO with me or listened to one I was part of. Below you’ll find a brief description of me and my HAM-life. At the age of 14 I got a little hand held CB-radio which opened another world for me. All of a sudden I could communicate over distance with my friends. There was also a neighbour who was a "real ham operator" and whenever possible I went to see him and listen to his worldwide QSO’s. This definitely was very impressive and from there on I worked hard to become a ham operator myself. My membership with the local boy scouts also got me in touch with ham radio with their JOTA activities. –
At the age of 18 I got my first ham call DD1IX which allowed me to communicate with other ham's on the UHF- and VHF-bands. Later I passed the test for the second grade license and my new call sign was DHØIAC, which gave me limited access to some of the SW-bands. Finally in 1976, I reached the class 1 level with my new call sign DL6IP. -
My interests are not only limited to Ham operations. I love to build various little things such as antennas of all kind and dimensions; i.e. I equipped my lawn mower tractor with a homemade snow plow and now keep the walkways of my neighbourhood free from snow during winter times. -
You'll find some pictures of my qth and antenna set-up by clicking here:   PICTURE GALLERY 

First Ever Communication Via Radio Waves Across the English Channel - Sort of like that it must have read in the papers (TV wasn’t invented yet) when in 1899 the Italian physicist, electrical engineer and radio amateur, Guiglielmo Marconi, a pioneer in wireless communications, was the first to succeed communicating via radio waves across the English Channel. Radio amateurs succeeded in a first connection via radio waves between stations on opposing sides of the English Channel using vertical Marconi antennae fastened to a kite.
• For the first time on Saturday June 5th, 2010 (the anniversary of Marconi’s historic event), at 15:03h GMT , between the amateur radio station ON/DL6IP-kite OP: Ingo from Zweibruecken in Blankenberge, BE , on the one side and the amateur station G4ROJ-kite, OP: Roger in Kidderminster near Worcester, GB, on the other side of the English Channel, succeeded in a QSO via voice from Kite to Kite on frequency 7.095 MHz, LSB.
The transmission power of each station was 100 watts. The signal and reception quality of both stations was an impressive RS 59+20dB.
read more by clicking here: TRANSMITTING FROM KITE TO KITE 
From teen age on until nowadays, I have loved to build box type kites. At the moment, I own a “Cody” man lifter kite with a wingspan of 2.5 m. I build myself an earth net as a counterpoise and use the kite as a skyhook to lift a 42m (137.8 ft) long silver coated end fed cu-wire antenna up in the air. It’s great fun to fly this kite and even more fun to QSO with overwhelming receiving and transmitting signals.
A full size report was published in the June 2005 issue of the DARC “CQ-DL”- magazine. -
You'll find a full copy of the report by clicking here:   KITE AERIAL 

The "Cody" - kite may also be used to generate "Kite Arial Photographies" (KAP) from heights far up in the sky.You need a device to hold and control a digital camera (KAP-Rig). -If you are interested to see things as a bird's eye would see them please click here:  KITE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 
During summer vacation,I typically spend some time on a Sea Ray power boot on lake Como in northern Italy together with my lovely wife Ingrid and my three boys.
Operating my ICOM IC-7000 via a SG-239 Smartuner on an Outbacker Perth+ antenna, DXing is lots of fun from the surface of this 400m (1312 ft) deep crystal clear lake. -

Here you may take a view from Nesso, the east bank of the Como branch, all across the beautiful  LAKE COMO  towards Laglio, the residence of Mr. George Clooney.

My QTH is on a hill at an elevation of 305 m above sea level in the northwest of my hometown Zweibrücken and you have full circumferential visibility from 60° - 300° and so this is also an excellent "RF-location".
Zweibrücken is located in the southwest of Germany in the Province "Palatine" about 10 Km east of the French border.
With slightly more than 35.000 inhabitants it is Germany's smallest independant city. - Here you can see a life picture of the down town area from the  HERZOGPLATZ  in Zweibrücken.

The city has a well known  THE STYLE OUTLETS which you may visit here for a moment.-

Zweibrücken also operates an international airport with a runway of more than 3000 m.
Germany's largest Rose Garden is located here as well as a famous breeding facility for "Trakehner" horses.
It is said that  NAPOLEON'S HORSE which was named "Nickel" came from this stable.

The Palatine supreme court is housed in the Zweibrücken castle which was built in the late 12th century by the Duke of Zweibruecken.
The name Zweibrücken (Two bridges) stems from this castle which had a double moat which could only be passed via two draw-bridges.
There is evidence of an early population in the Zweibrücken area. Various excavation sites support this.
After the Stone Age the Celtic tribes that lived here were succeeded by the Romans.

Besides Stone Age cairns there are the famous - Keltisches Fürstinnengrab -  TOMB OF THE CELTIC PRINCESS  in Reinheim and the Roman excavation fields in Bliesbruck and   SCHWARZENACKER.

You'll find Zweibrücken at the most western edge of the "Pfaelzer Wald" (Palatine Forest), the largest contiguous forest within Germany. The "Pfaelzer Wald" is a favoured hiking and recreation area and habours many well-known castles from the Middle Age.
You will find for example the famous - Kaiserpfalz - (Emperor's castle) TRIEFELS in Annweiler, once residence of emporer Barbarossa (Redbeard) and until his release through ransom-payment of the English subjects, by Emperor Barbarossa in captivity held King Richard I. the Lionheart, at that time king of England.
You may visit some of the most important castles and ancient ruins by clicking here:  PALATINE CASTLES 

At my QTH I'm QRV with an ICOM IC-756 PRO III a 1 KW "ACOM 1000" -linear PA and a 15-element log-periodic antenna   DLP-15 from TITANEX mounted on a modified 12m high tilting lantern mast. I’m using a “DIGI KEYER” interface from microHAM connected to my PC, an ARS - rotor interface from J. Pablo Garcia, EA4TX. My CAT-software in use is the “TRX-Manager” V4.2.50 from Laurent Labourie, F6DEX together with the “DX-Atlas” V2.25 from Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA and as logging software I use SwissLog V5.06 from Walter Baur, HB9BJS. For digital modes I use MixW 2.19 from OM Nick Fedoseev , UT2UZ and OM Denis Nechitailov, UU9JDR.
If you are interested in reading about the DX-Hunt at the highest stage and / or like colourful QSL-envelopes you are welcome to click here:  DX-HUNT 
A full size report of this was published in the June 2006 issue of the DARC “CQ-DL”- magazine. -

I’m a mechanical engineer in sales and this brings me from time to time to the farthest places in the world. Whenever possible I take my 4-band IC-T-81 handheld radio and car window antenna along on my travels making during my free time contacts with the local Hams. - I’ve made a lot of friends and I love the Ham spirit you’ll find all around the world.
If you’ve had a QSO with me you will receive my QSL card like it takes a duck to water.
I also utilize eQSL but a real card in my hands is what makes a QSO complete. -

If you like to have a look at some highlights of my QSL-collection please click here: QSL-Gallery 

There is much more I’m interested in and I will tell you more during our next QSO -
73’ de DL6IP, Ingo and meet you down the log ...

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