15 Element Log-Periodic-Antenna.
15 Element


DLP-15 / Log-Periodic-Antenna 12m over ground

15 Element Wire Log-Periodic 7MHz - 30MHz

Technical Data:

  Very low wind load: 500N (at 120km/h)
Low Weight: 22kg (49lb.)
Optically very inconspicuous appearance through the use of wire elements
No swinging elements at strong wind
Power handling: 5kW PEP

No balun necessary
Double-boom (60/18mm), electrically fed = increased gain

High number of elements due to wire stringing
No corroding parts through the use of special stainless steel clamps
Best low angle radiation through high number of elements
Crossing-free feeding of all elements with a defined impedance
Feeding with just a single coax cable for all seven bands (50 Ohm)
Loss-free linear loading feeding on 10MHz, full-size rotary dipole on 7MHz
Suppression of strong BC transmitters in the 7-13MHz range because 7 and 10MHz are designed as skip-frequencies (resonant bands) Boom length: 8m (26.2ft.)
Longest element: 10.42m (34.1ft.)
Turning radius: 5.78m (19ft.) Gain: 14-30MHz: 6.5dBd, 7MHz: 1dBd, 10MHz: 2dBd
Front-to-back ratio: 20-25dB from 14-30MHz

VSWR: typically 2:1 and better on the amateur radio bands

Ham IV Rotator, Thrust Bearing & Wireless Camera

Antenna, Mast & Base with Gear Motor and Lifting Block

Antenna Mast Base with Gear Motor and Lifting Block

Lower Reverse Roller

Antenna mast beeing tilt

Rotator beeing replaced

View beaming to the North

View beaming to the East

View beaming to the South

View beaming to the West

Looking all around


Start 360 View from Antenna Tower - (10 MB)

ccw from N to N