Me,-my QTH, Antennas and more...
Me, my QTH, Antennas and more

My neighbours and me

QTH - Southtside

QTH - Nortside

QTH - Northside in Winter

"TITANEX" *DLP-15 Log-Periodic 7.0 - 30 MHz

Gear Motor Antenna Mast

6-Pos. TRX - Antenna - Switch

6-Pos. TRX - Antenna - Switch



Lawn Mower with Snow Plough

80m-Frame Antenna

Stealth-Flagpole Antenna

Flagpole Antenna Feedpoint



Fox reading Sunday News

Full moon scenery

Fire Salamander

King Fisher

24-Pounder Napoleon Cannon, ff Model R=1:5

Pajero 4x4

Lexus Hybrid Sedan

Merry X-MAS

Chewbacca my friend

Tomb Raider

Out of Space

Deep Blue Sea


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