Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon's Horse "Nickel"


Fact or Legend?

Do you like pumpernickel bread? - If not, you may have something in common with the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was emperor of France at the turn of the 18th century. His goal was to conquer all of Europe. As he traveled from country to country fighting battles he rode a horse named "Nickel". During a stop, Napoleon was served a crude meal that included a crumbly, coarse, dark brown bread. He didn't like it and announced the bread, "bon pour Nickel" which in French means, "good for Nickel". Over time the words were blended and changed until 'bon pour Nickel" became 'Pumpernickel". If you want to find out if your horse likes pumpernickel, no pastrami, and double lettuce, hold the mayo please!

appeared in Horsepower Magazine, January 2001